13 Reasons why you Should Create a Garden for your Home

Here are 13 reasons why you should definitely create your own garden. 
  • An outdoor space to relax and more space for the kids to play. A garden can bring families together
  • A garden is very therapeutic and good for your mental health with great meditative qualities
  • Encourages wildlife to your garden and give a heightened sense of connection with nature
  • Incorporate herbs in your design for medicinal purposes
  • A garden is a great way to meet people. Meet up with fellow gardeners, swap plants and share ideas
  • Healthy food with home-grown veg right on your backdoor and can improve your eating habits and nothing tastes better than home grown food
  • Gardening is a great form of exercise and certainly gives you an amazing workout
  • Incorporate an organic Veg garden and save tonnes of money on your weekly shop
  • More nutrient-dense than conventional produce, home grown fruits and vegetables can improve eating habits
  • Focus - Gardening helps overstimulated and hyperactive kids focus and perform better academically.
  • Happiness, soil is actually proven to make you happy
  • A garden can have a positive climate impact, due to the absorption of carbon dioxide by its leafy plant
  • The most important reason of all though is for you to have you’re very own garden sanctuary.