23 Reasons you should hire a Landscape Designer

As with any project, planning is essential and one of the most important elements to create success and can help you save time and money. Your garden is no different. Here are some reasons why you should definitely hire a garden designer.


A plan before you begin will make your budget go a lot further. A designer is very adept from years of experience of working on an approximate budget and will create a workable budget for you. Your designer will help you pick the correct plants and materials to suit your budget and needs.

Working with a Designer will produce a plan and an approximate budget if you decide to go to a Landscaper. By having a design you are able to put the build phase out for tender and have several contractors price exactly the same work ensuring you get the best price for your project. This allows you to compare quotes fairly and make informed decisions.



Want to tackle the project yourself but just need some professional help. If you want to put your own stamp on your space but need some assistance with the design. A well laid out plan with the help of an expert, you can build your own garden step by step which will give you a fantastic sense of ownership when complete.

Idea Generation

A garden designer has years of experience and worked on tonnes of projects. They can give you fresh & creative new ideas. Things you might not even have considered.


Is your idea actually viable. Sometimes what we have in our mind isn’t necessarily build-able especially within budget. Working with a designer allows you to transform your idea into a workable garden plan.


Plants are such a crucial element of your garden. Only a Garden professional will give you the perfect plants for your situation. Although it can be tempting to sporadically raid the garden centre for plants that catch your eye, long term it will not work and will just lead to a hodgepodge garden layout.

Permanent solution

You won’t be doing a quick fix and ripping it out again in a few years. Having an expert help you with plants can make a huge difference to your budget.

Problem Areas

Designer's can resolve any problem areas you have in your garden. Problems you may have been trying to resolve yourself for years.

Site analysis

On your unique space giving you a tailored solution to your specific area. The extra time and consideration put in at the initial design phase is crucial. Helps with visualising the overall scheme.

Maintenance free

If you need a garden with less maintenance as you get older. To create a garden that is truly maintenance free you need an expert.


Begin certain elements of project as the budget allows but have an overall plan to work towards. You can phase the project according to your budget.

Avoid Potential Issues

Do’s and Don’ts around boundaries and avoid issues with neighbours. When planning, all eventualities are considered leaving you with no nasty surprise. Right and wrong plants for certain situations. Large plants interfering with structures on site.


More eco-friendly space. Help environment and combat climate change. A well designed garden can encourage wildlife and insect life to your garden and help the environment.

Value of your home  

A well designed garden from a professional designer will increase the value of your home by up to 15%. Research shows that landscaping actually increases in value over time whereas inversely renovations on the home decreases in value over time


Living space

Literally increase your living space. Add another beautiful room to your home. Another room to enjoy with family. To barbeque, to entertain guests. To relax on a summer’s day.

Mental health

A well designed garden is very therapeutic and proven to be good for your mental health

Hard landscaping

An experienced designer recognizes the structural implications of the hard landscaping aspects of design.


Difficult Garden

If you live in a “difficult” area for gardening. For example, coastal, arid, boggy, limited space, shaded area, poor soil, concrete yard. You need to speak with a Garden Designer to ensure the project is a success and you don’t waste your money on construction.


Designers can support you throughout the whole process, understand what you are looking for and ensure your dream garden is created for you to enjoy for many years to come.

Children’s Development

A well designed garden will benefit your Children’s Development.

Conceptual Design 

An experienced designer will be able to narrow down your requirements and ideas to the perfect conceptual plan.

Water restrictions

Plan for water restrictions and possible future water shortages in your area.

Space Usage

More space for entertaining. Incorporate more into design. Make the very most of your limited space.