Site Audit

Site Audit

Regular price €69,99


This initial cost will be rolled into the cost of your Garden Design if you choose to go ahead with it. 


During the site audit;

  • We will establish a brief and go through some different concept ideas. 
  • Discuss what uses you would like to get out of the garden. 
  • Any particular garden styles you like? 
  • Are you a Gardener who likes to spend time working in your garden versus a fully maintenance free garden.
  • Have a conversation around budget. 
  • Any problem areas within the garden that need solutions. 
  • Discuss Soil. Aspect. Hours of sunlight. 
  • Plan for water restrictions and possible future water shortages in your area

    Once this process is complete you will receive;

    • Comprehensive Site Report
    • We can use this report if you decide to go ahead with the Design
    • Or you can take this report and go speak with your local landscape professional regarding budget etc. 
    • Use this report and newfound knowledge to tackle your garden yourself.